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Arians are usually impulsive and bold in their approach to life. When opposed in their plans, they are liable to counter with force, either physical or verbal, to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. When emotionally mature, Arians are able to take into account the wants and needs of others, making them efficient and inspiring leaders.

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  • An Arian leader will not usually ask a subordinate to do anything that they are not prepared to do themselves. They lead by example and are happy with a hands-on approach.


    Arians are suited to goal-oriented careers such as professional sportspeople and salespeople, and outdoor careers such as farmers, travel guides and explorers. They respond positively to challenges in the workplace and thrive on competition. The military, surgical medicine, demolition building industry and butchery are also Arian careers. Relationships : Since Arians thrive on challenge, they enjoy the thrill of the chase, sometimes even more than the relationship itself.

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    Their authoritative natures can cause friction if they ignore the opinions and needs of their partners. Independence is another Arian trait and they need plenty of room to pursue their own projects and goals.

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    If these goals relate to their careers, they may neglect their partners for long periods as they throw themselves into the task at hand. Although Arians are passionate about their own independence, they do not appreciate independence in their partners.

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    The typical Arian needs to learn to cooperate more and to lead less. When out of temper, their outbursts are usually noisy and short-lived — short-lived, that is, for them.

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    • By the time they have released their frustrations and have calmed down, their partners are likely to be feeling pretty wound up as a result. Health : Arians tend to suffer from headaches or from bumps to the head. As they usually love the outdoors and exercise, they often enjoy good blood circulation.

      If they have an accident, it usually affects the head area and a close examination will often reveal many small scars from past mishaps. They are also prone to fevers. They can become so passionate about an idea or goal that they will trample over others in order to fulfil their desires.

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      The innate arrogance of negative Arians hampers the smooth running of any relationship or business partnership, because they refuse to listen to others or acknowledge that there might be a different way to do things. Negative Arians have a tendency to dismiss the ideas or opinions of others, or to become rude and impatient when other people fail to share their enthusiasm for a particular goal.

      Impatient for results, they will force others to adopt their views, regardless of the consequences. They seem unable to delay gratification, so when a project slows down or becomes complicated, they are apt to discard it in favour of something new. The typical Arian, whether positive or negative, is often better at starting a project than completing it. In the negative type, the Mars qualities are evident, and the negative Arian is constantly at war with those around them.

      They are bullies who fight with coworkers, harass the next-door neighbours and make life hell for their partners or children. Self-discipline sounds easy enough to master, but when paired with enthusiasm and impatience of the typical Arian, it can prove elusive. When Arians master self-discipline, they are able to pace themselves better, successfully completing more of the projects they begin. Having learned their lesson, Arians soon build a reputation for keeping their promises and 'delivering the goods'.

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