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February 27, Permalink. Thank you Robert for this overview. I got it going on, this is my time here-now.

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Yeah baby! I am doing my inner work and my outer world will reflect this more and more as time goes by! Great advice, Robert.

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Your analysis confirms the sense I've had that we are setting up for major action to come, and that what we do wisely now as a precedent for that, will serve us well. Thank you!

This garland is made from the seeds of Lakshmi's most beloved lotus flower. Laxmi, having lotus love, named him Padma, Kamala, Padmahasta etc.

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By chanting the Lakshmi Mantra on this garland, the seeker achieves an unimaginable success. You are born from the Padma and you have a name Padmakshi. For your happiness Kamal gatte ki mala is often born in Sarovars and Lakes, this lotus flower Seed is considered.

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Should we keep this Journal going? Anyway, Diana's horoscopes for the upcoming month are up.

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Archive Mar S. This is Isis behaviour par excellence…. A lifestyle which is a journey through the hills and valleys of polarities. Having to learn to live with polarities, juggling two lifestyles. To be able to feel or communicate the deeps of humans emotions. These folk are tres-sophisticated and have very refined tastes.

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Therefore they really need to be in the high-income bracket in order to afford the luxuries they so crave. Cancer 3 rising will need to marry well since the life of a bohemian artist is not usually conducive to megabucks…..