Astrology ascendant aquarius

He loves harmonious co-operation and is very empathetic.

For this reason, he is appreciated as a play and conversation companion. He enjoys life to the fullest and is almost always cheerful and entertaining. This child can also be withdrawn and stubborn.

Ascendant in Zodiac Signs Men

He often shows strikingly rebellious and unadjusted behavior and always tries to find ways to emphasize his own independence. Especially as a small child, he is strong-willed and goes through intensely defiant phases.

Venus enters Scorpio

Even as an older child, he will quickly go his own way and will not let his parents tell him what to do. Aquarius people who are born under Aquarius rising will not gain or lose any of their personality traits.

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Instead, the Aquarius rising sign will only show off their traits more. Upon first impressions, a new friend will be able to tell right away that they are talking to an Aquarius person. Pisces people are creative like Aquarius people. When born under Aquarius rising , Pisces people will become more creative than usual, more intelligent, and especially more social.

Aquarius Rising Woman

Their passions will be more easily able to motivate both their creativity and their love life. Being born under Aquarius rising helps the signs to unwind and have a good time, to learn more and apply what they learn creatively, and to make lasting connections with others. Surely, anyone would be lucky to be born under Aquarius rising sign. Your email address will not be published.

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Behavior of the Descendant Aquarius

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Aquarius Rising

She will not tolerate a whiner and a pessimist next to her. In men, he appreciates activity, dedication, creativity and creativity. A life companion for her should become not only a good and faithful husband, but also a devoted friend with whom you can discuss any topic. Sexual life for her is not so important.

Aquarius Ascendant: The Appearance of Man & Woman

The main thing is mutual understanding, support, respect and trust. She is quite clever and freedom-loving person, which many consider hypocritical. In fact, she keeps everything under strict control, because she is proud of herself and her manners. Rational and cautious in dealing with men, she seems to her that everything can be changed in two counts. She was not used to sacrificing herself even for the sake of great love, but she sincerely stands for independence in relations.

For all, she is different, but, undoubtedly, unique.

Aquarius Ascendant meaning and personality traits

Some men think she is too frivolous, and to others she seems serious to insanity. A woman with an ascendant in Aquarius adores society and activities where one can demonstrate everything — beauty, elegance and intellect. For this woman there are no difficult situations, because she finds a way out of everything.

Self-confident and irresistible person, which makes men worry.